Things You Need to Learn About Fascia

What is fascia?  A fascia is like a band of sheets of connective tissue which is collagen, they are beneath the skin that is the one that is responsible for attaching, stabilizing, enclosing and separating muscles and other internal organs.

One thing that you must remember about fascia is that all fascia are connective tissues but not all of the connective tissue is considered as fascia. There are four different types of connective tissue, specifically the proper connective tissue, blood, bone and lastly, the cartilage.

Moving on, let us now talk about the different types of the fascia. First, Superficial fascia is found in the subcutis of the body that blends with the reticular layer or the dermis. Next, the Deep Fascia is the dense fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, bones and so on. Lastly, the Visceral Fascia is the one who suspends the organs.

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